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What People are Saying

“I’ve been an avid reader of my friend's newsletter on modern marketing, and I must say, it has been an enlightening journey. Her ability to uncover valuable insights and explore new horizons in the ever-evolving world of marketing is truly remarkable.

What sets this newsletter apart is the ingenious use of real-life examples with real company names. It's cool to see all these case studies, providing us with practical knowledge and actionable strategies that can be applied to our own marketing endeavors.

Whether you're a marketing professional looking to stay ahead of the curve or an aspiring marketer eager to learn the ropes, I highly recommend subscribing to Ritu’s newsletter, Aha! Quotient ;)”

CeeJay TkachenkoEntrepreneur, @cjaythecreator

“I would like to congratulate Ritu on starting a new email newsletter despite some statistics showing that newsletter readership is on the decline. However, in such a case, starting a newsletter means having kick-ass content that would cut the clutter and make people read every edition and wait for the next one! The style of writing the newsletter is different and starts with educating the user with a new term and then onto the concept and its supporting instances. In particular, I loved reading the edition that focussed on Micro-moment in Modern Marketing. It turned out to be an eye-opener for me! The other edition that I found unique and highly useful was based on Imposter Syndrome! I found that edition much more relatable and the newsletter edition turned out to be a myth-buster for me! I want Ritu to write more such newsletters and keep me and scores of other readers hooked on her content!”

Ambuj SaxenaCo Founder of Social Buzz

“Aha! Quotient shines like a dazzling gem in the digital marketing world! Ritu's masterful curation of highly insightful content, artfully blended with top-notch case studies and references from industry analysts, creates an enriching experience for marketers. It's the ultimate go-to website for any digital marketer eager to stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry. With every visit, I'm left with renewed enthusiasm and a deeper understanding of marketing trends. Ritu's dedication to excellence and passion for sharing knowledge are truly commendable. Keep up the fantastic work! Cheers to Aha! Quotient and the bright future it holds for all of us in the marketing world!”

Mayank DhuriaManager, Digital Marketing Department, Union Bank of India

“I had the chance to read Aha! Newsletter and I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised. In today’s day and age when newsletters are mushrooming around you, it tends to be difficult to concentrate on anyone leave alone stay connected. Ritu has kept her newsletters short and to the point, making these a pleasant short read which drives the point home very effectively. This has been a refreshing change from other random newsletter one experiences in the mailbox. I wish Aha! Quotient loads of success and I am sure it will continue to raise issues of common interests and relevant with changing times. All the best.”

Hitesh SindhwaniHead – Digital Contact Centre, Union Bank of India

“I have found Aha! Quotient to be a truly different newsletter, with a very different selection of topics.

The topics, without exception, have kindled thoughts in my mind and led to introspection and analysis. It adds value not just through the content or the attached research but also through kindling your mind.

A definite look-forward-to-every-week mailer.”

Vishal V KaleHead Content Marketing; IT SaaS Marketer

“I really love what you have created here and the care you take to not only curate topics for each of the editions but also the engagement that you have created with your readers. I’d love to see AQ grow from strength to strength, with richer topics in the coming editions, with even more vibrant graphics. All the best!”

Aritro BhattacharyaDigital Strategy, Adobe

“If you're looking for a source to keep up with rapid changes in modern marketing and spark your creativity, then subscribe to Aha! Quotient. My friend Ritu is sharing actionable insights, case studies, and useful tools & tips for modern marketers, makers, and entrepreneurs. My favorite article is about "Imposter Syndrome", I highly recommend reading it 😉”

Ilze Švarcbaha Co-founder, Every Good Idea

“As a regular reader of your marketing newsletter, I find the content extremely valuable. Your years of experience in the industry shine through in the actionable insights and case studies you share. Being a freelance conversion copywriter, I’ve found it invaluable as a reader to know the ins and outs perfect for staying up to date on your unique perspective on how technology and marketing are evolving together.”

Ankit SharmaConversion Copywriter

“I love how the newsletters are minimal, direct, and based on a central theme. There's no clutter, no beating around the bush, and no flowery language.

You know the writing is exceptional when you feel as if you've learned a lot within minutes -- without feeling overwhelmed.

I feel Aha! Quotient newsletters are the answer to the phrase -- "if there's one thing you want to learn about marketing each week, read this..."”

AyswarryaI create content for B2B tech companies

“Aha! Quotient is a very rare kind of newsletter. It gives detailed knowledge about marketing concepts and in a very convenient way with present-day examples. I really like this newsletter which helped me a lot in understanding modern marketing concepts.”

MuskaanFounder of EcoMuskaanSoaps

“The Aha Quotient really brings the Aha factor to marketing, with the in-depth practical understanding that each edition provides. A complete digest of useful and actionable information for today's marketer, this is definitely one newsletter you can't afford to miss!”

Sameer GhuryeCo-founder, Fuel4Fashion

“Not just another marketing newsletter. Aha quotient is a different type of newsletter with tons of value. If you are a marketer or want to learn marketing, subscribe to Ritu's newsletter without any hesitation. You will learn a lot in-depth topics in marketing.”

Karthik TatikondaCo-Founder of LaunchPedia, and GrowthChefs

“Aha! Quotient is a very specialized newsletter, as a marketer there are many newsletters that I have subscribed to, however, Aha! is one of the few that I eagerly await. Every week the content matter lives up to its title. Great job”

Subhash OommenPartner, Neeti Brand Accelerator